Watch I, Frankenstein Online

Watch I, Frankenstein Online

Watch I, Frankenstein Online For Free – Based on Kevin Grevioux’s graphic novel, I, Frankenstein just released on january 24 2014 and directed by Stuart Beattie. I, Frankenstein is an action-packed fantasy cum horror science fiction, survival story of the fittest.
Occurs in the era dystopia, where the gargoyles and demons engaged in fierce and terrible battle to get the ultimate power. Frankenstein’s creature finds himself caught between the two immortal clans when both sides are racing to find the secret to achieve immortality.

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Watch I, Frankenstein

Movie Details

IMDb page: I, Frankenstein (2014)
iMDB ID: 1418377
iMDB Ratings: 5.5/10
Date Released : 2014-01-24
Genre : Horror | Mystery & Suspense | Science Fiction & Fantasy
Director: Stuart Beattie
Starring : Aaron Eckhart as Adam, Bill Nighy as Naberius, Yvonne Strahovski as Terra
Duration: 100


Loud, incoherent, and dramatically listless, I, Frankenstein is a remarkably dull fantasy adventure that fails to generate much excitement or interest in its characters.

I, Frankenstein full movie

Plot Summary

In 1795, Dr. Victor Frankenstein (Aden Young) creates a monster (Aaron Eckhart), and then rejects it. In a fit of rage, the creature kills Frankenstein’s wife, Elizabeth (Virginie Le Brun), and Victor chases it to the Arctic to get revenge, but succumbs to the weather. The being buries its creator and is then attacked by demons before being rescued by gargoyles Ophir and Keziah, who bring it before the gargoyle queen, Lenore (Miranda Otto), and their commander, Gideon (Jai Courtney). Lenore explains that they were created by the Archangel Michael to battle demons on Earth, and names the creature “Adam”, inviting him to join them, but he declines and departs after being given gargoyle weapons that allow him to destroy demons.

Throughout the centuries, Adam fends off the demons that pursue him. During a modern-day confrontation at a nightclub, a policeman is killed. While Adam is summoned by the gargoyles once more, the demon Helek (Steve Mouzakis) reports that Adam is alive to his leader, demon-prince Naberius (Bill Nighy), who is disguised as billionaire businessman Charles Wessex, and his right-hand man, Dekar (Kevin Grevioux). Wessex has employed scientist Terra Wade (Yvonne Strahovski) to conduct experiments with reanimated corpses, and sends a group of demons led by his most formidable warrior, Zuriel, to attack the gargoyles’ cathedral and capture Adam so he can unlock the secret to give life.

Before Lenore can punish Adam for the policeman’s death, the cathedral is attacked, and Adam convinces Ophir to release him. In the ensuing battle, a number of gargoyles, including Ophir and Keziah, are slain, while Lenore is captured and brought to an abandoned theatre. Adam and Gideon head there, where Gideon exchanges Lenore for Frankenstein’s diary with the secrets of the experiment. Adam follows Zuriel to the Wessex Institute, where he learns Wessex plans to have demons possess reanimated corpses that cannot be destroyed. He retrieves the diary and escapes, and later confronts Terra before they are attacked by Zuriel, whom Adam manages to kill. Read MOre or Watch I Frankenstein


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